Resources for Exhibitors

We’re so glad you will be joining us as an exhibitor. We have the right resources in place to ensure your experience is seamless.

Capacity & Space

Exhibitors with major space requirements can find a home within our 400,694 square foot exhibition area.

Loading Docks

Nine loading docks, 12 bays and 230,000 square feet of marshaling yard space make move-in and move-out a breeze.

Parking & Staging

Our massive parking lots provide the ideal storage or staging areas for events with big equipment and displays.

Exhibitor parking

All exhibitors are required to use the 79th Street entrance off of 112th Ave. Please contact your event manager to set up online parking passes for your exhibitors. Please encourage your guests to use the 73rd Street entrance off of 112th Ave for easier entry onto the grounds.

Trailer Parking:

Parking for trailers and other oversized vehicles is available in the West Parking Lot.  All trailers must use foot pads and wheel chocks when parked.  Failure to comply may result in additional fees or fines.  Individuals are responsible for bringing their own pads and chocks.

Food & beverage sales and sampling

Exhibitors must apply and receive approval from the Edmonton EXPO Centre and Alberta Health Services to distribute beverage sales and/or sampling at our venue. Please fill out the below form and submit to foodservices@edmontonexpocentre.com at least 14 days prior to the start of the show you will be selling and/or sampling at.

Grease Interceptors:

Properly maintained and installed grease interceptors are required for all drainage connections inside and outside of the Edmonton EXPO Centre.  Individuals engaged in the sale of food and beverage items are required to provide their own equipment, the EXPO Centre does not have interceptors for sale or rent.  Failure to comply will result in the immediate suspension of service and may cause additional fees or fines.

Food & Beverage Sampling Application

Exhibitor FAQs

Contacting the organization that is planning your show is the best way to source information regarding move-in, show operation and move-out, as well as other activities that will occur during the event.

The show organizer will send you an Exhibitors Package prior to the show. In it you will find information and order forms for suppliers who have been selected by the show organizer to service exhibitors. If you find that you have a need that is not found in the Exhibitor Package, it is suggested that you contact the show organizer.

You can get more information on our facilities general rules and policies, safety and security and other exhibitor information by accessing our Venue Guide.

Internet can be ordered from our exclusive provider, Encore, by filling out the request form and send it to Simon Hollington-Sawyer, the EXPO Encore representative at Simon.Hollington-Sawyer@encoreglobal.com. You can order electrical power and rigging through Showtech by emailing edmonton@showtech.ca or visiting their website at showtech.ca. For more information, please discuss with your Event Manager.

Edmonton EXPO Centre is the exclusive provider for all food and beverage services. Please speak with your Event Manager for more information.

Please contact Edmonton EXPO Centre Sales Department at 780.471.7380 or sales@edmontonexpocentre.com.

We do not rent computers.

The Edmonton EXPO Centre does not accept shipments on behalf of third-party events. All show materials must be shipped to the Official Service Contractor who has been selected by the show organizer or to our preferred material handling supplier, GES Canada. For more information, please contact 780-469-7767 or visit GES.com.

The Edmonton EXPO Centre provides electrical service ranging from 120volt/15amp to 480volt/400amp service; services are available in both floor ports and overhead depending on the exhibit hall


Only service animals trained to assist persons with disabilities are permitted within the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Exceptions may be made for an approved exhibit, activity, or performance where the use of animals is integral to the event.  Please contact your Event Manager for approval if your event will involve exhibiting animals.

Move In and Move Out periods during events can be a dangerous time with vehicles, heavy machinery, overhead work, and many other hazards.  Exhibitors should take particularly care when working during this time and should take steps to protect themselves and others.

The Edmonton EXPO Centre requires exhibitors to wear proper closed toed shoes during this time and recommends that everyone working in the space wear a visibility vest.

Children under the age of fifteen (15) are not permitted into the event space at this time.

Cannabis products can only be bought and sold at a licensed Cannabis retailer at their place of business.  There is no legislation that would allow a retailer to sell outside of their licensed location, and no legislation that allows for the sale of cannabis on the Edmonton EXPO Centre grounds.  As a result, any part of the cannabis plant, or any product containing THC or CBD, cannot be sampled or sold at the Edmonton EXPO Centre.

Outside of Cannabis events, Exhibitors may only provide “Tombstone” information to guests. Tombstone information includes a company’s name, logo, location and store hours. Outside of a Cannabis event, Exhibitors may not promote strains, brands, prices or other elements related to cannabis.

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