Limitless Options

We are a premier exhibition destination, featuring all of the space necessary to serve as a perfect host locations for annual trade & consumer shows, entertainment experiences, demonstrations and agricultural showcases. The versatility of our space, combined with the amenities of our entire site allows for nearly limitless planning options.

Where do I get information about the show?

Contacting the organization that is planning your show is the best way to source information regarding move-in, show operation and move-out, as well as other activities that will occur during the event. Visit our Event Calendar to link to their website.

Edmonton EXPO Centre offers the following:

  • Electrical: Ranging from 120volt/15amp to 480volt/400amp service; services are available in both floor ports and overhead depending on the exhibit hall
  • Communication: Both single and multi-line service
  • Cable TV
  • Internet Service: A full line of internet connectivity solutions that provide continuous, dedicated access to the internet at a variety of speeds
  • Plumbing: A complete line of service including compressed air, water, drain, natural gas, bottled gases, filling and draining of water tanks, venting to the atmosphere, ductwork from air conditioning units within a booth, anchoring, welding, hydraulic and chiller interconnections and chemical waste removal.

Where can I find suppliers for the equipment and services that I will need for the show?

The show organizer will send you an Exhibitors Package prior to the show. In it you will find information and order forms for suppliers who have been selected by the show organizer to service exhibitors. If you find that you have a need that is not found in the Exhibitor Package, it is suggested that you contact the show organizer.

Where can I get more information on exhibitor rules and policies?

You can get more information on our facilities general rules and policies, safety and security and other exhibitor information by accessing our Venue Guide.

How do I arrange for electrical, telecommunications or internet services?

Internet can be ordered by contacting helpdesk@edmontonexpocentre.com. You can order electrical and telecommunications online by going to our Supplier Listing or visit the Showtech website. For more information, please discuss with your Event Manager.

How do I arrange for food and beverage service in my booth?

Edmonton EXPO Centre is the exclusive provider for all food and beverage services. Please speak with your Event Manager for more information.

How do I reserve a meeting room to use for a reception or private demonstration?

Please contact Edmonton EXPO Centre Sales Department at 780.471.7380 or sales@edmontonexpocentre.com

Is WiFi available on the show floor?

Wireless internet access is available at a nominal fee. Daily and multiday packages are available.

Internet services vary from city to city; is there someone at Edmonton EXPO Centre who can assist us directly with our Internet requirements?

Contacting our Edmonton EXPO Centre Technology Services Department at helpdesk@edmontonexpocentre.com, and we will ensure that your Internet and networking needs are fulfilled.

Do you rent computers?

We do not rent computers.

Can I ship my booth and materials directly to the Edmonton EXPO Centre?

All show materials must be shipped to the Official Service Contractor who has been selected by the show organizer. Shipping information will be found in the Exhibitor Package that is sent to you by the show organizer.