Shrinking Our Footprint – Expanding Our Horizons

Rooftop Bee Hives

In July 2019, the Edmonton EXPO Centre welcomed two bee hives to our facility. Each hive holds a colony of approximately 20,000 bees, and the colonies are expected to grow in numbers as they settle into their new home on our rooftop.

The beehives will enhance the current sustainability initiatives of our venue by contributing to a resilient local food and agriculture system. Not only will the bees provide honey for the Edmonton EXPO Centre’s culinary initiatives, but the addition of hives also provides a home for bees in a time where the bee population needs support. The presence of bees at our venue additionally allows opportunities for education to the 1.5 million guests who visit each year. Stay tuned for more on these educational opportunities!

Energy Management

At Edmonton EXPO Centre, we subscribe to a comprehensive energy management program in order to make our operating systems and equipment as energy efficient as possible. 

There are two energy management systems in use on site, which were installed based on the need for central control of lighting, heating, ventilating, air conditioning and ice making processes. This ensures we are only using the energy we need and reduces unnecessary energy waste at our venue.

Waste Reduction

We employ aggressive programs to minimize the volume of waste generated by our on-site operations. In 2018, we achieved at 60% diversion rate, meaning that only 40% of our waste actually reached the landfill.

We “reduce, reuse and recycle” as part of the daily fabric of our on-site operations. 

How are we doing it?

  • Composting: Everything from organic waste to the morning’s coffee grinds will be placed into the new green bins.
  • Recycling: From all the usual suspects (paper and beverage containers) to napkins, coffee cups and organic material from our kitchen. We also recycle cardboard, Fluorescent tubes, electronic equipment, batteries, motor oil and filters, vehicle tires, scrap metal, wood and photocopy toner cartridges.There are 3-stream marked recycled containers on-site allowing guests to assist in our mission.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan

The Edmonton EXPO Centre has committed to implementing operational and behavioral changes that will reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 15% by 2025 and 30% by 2035. View the complete 2020-2035 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan HERE.

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