A sustainable strategy

With 522,000 square-feet of operating space, the Edmonton EXPO Centre is committed to creating a culture of social, environmental and economic sustainability as a resource for sustainable events. If a host venue of our size can reduce the impact of our footprint, we hope to inspire others in our community to create a sustainable legacy that benefits future generations.

The Edmonton EXPO Centre proudly stands as a Greenkey Global Meetings and Climate Smart certified venue. Along with an in-house Sustainable Manager, our team of experienced professionals work with planners and clients to meet and exceed your sustainability goals.

“It’s no surprise that major events have a bad reputation when it comes to waste production and emissions–in many cases it’s true. At the same time, the events industry holds the power to make transformational changes–to rethink how we gather and how our gatherings can also create positive change, both environmentally and socially, for large events and individuals. We look for every opportunity to start these conversations and work towards impactful, lasting changes,” say Melissa Radu, Sustainability Manager, Edmonton EXPO Centre.

In 2019, the Edmonton EXPO Centre became a Climate Smart Business committed to operational & behavioral changes to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions 15% by 2025 & 30% by 2035. We calculated our carbon footprint to set benchmarks that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, primarily carbon dioxide. We collect onsite carbon footprint calculations for events and connect planners with initiatives like planting trees, investing in renewables and other low-carbon initiatives to help offset emissions from events. Visit our 2020-2035 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Plan.


Waste management diversion

As a catalyst of positive change, we offer a comprehensive waste management program with multiple steams of waste, compost and recycling. A flexible bin configuration tailored to event specific waste needs captures recycle waste from events in the correct streams. Additionally, we offer waste-sorting guidelines that allow exhibitors and attendees to easily sort waste. Our team can also provide waste reduction ideas based on your event’s specific needs. Read more about how we plan for sustainable events.

  • In 2019, we diverted more than 86,000 kg of waste from landfill and diverted 50,000 kg of recycled materials (paper, cardboard, bottles cans and glass).
  • In 2019, we sent more than 30,000 kg of organics to be composted through our organics program.
  • Our partnership with GES, our in-house signage providers, offers 100% recyclable signage alternatives for the same price as traditional non-recyclable foamcore or vinyl signage.
  • We partner with over 40 community organizations and non-profits to give second life to leftover event materials and we connect you with local donation programs.

Supporting the local good

Supporting our local agricultural and food community is a core part of our business operations. Our team of experienced culinary professionals work with clients to serve the highest quality of locally sourced products for their next event.

In support of local food reclamation, we partner with the Edmonton Food Bank’s Second Helping Program to donate excess food from events in order to reduce waste and feed our city’s vulnerable population. Our rooftop is the proud home to two beehives and more than 50,000 bees. They honey harvested from our hives create a unique flavour that adds a special touch to each plate created by our Food & Beverage team.

  • 35% of our food comes from local producers and growers which allows us to support Edmonton area suppliers and reduce transportation emissions.
  • In 2019, our local food purchases re-invested more than $400,000 in our local economy, supporting the livelihoods of our local suppliers, and reducing transportation emissions.
  • We proudly offer plant-based menu alternatives that support sustainable agriculture


We redefine what it means to operate facility of our size with our environmental conscious at the forefront of our planning process. As we continue to push targets towards yearly improvement, our sustainability experts help our clients develop plans for reducing event waste. Our sustainable strategy extends beyond our building into our community and supply chain through thoughtful decision making. Hosting a sustainable event at the Edmonton EXPO Centre empowers our guests and delegates to create solutions for a more sustainable future.