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Jurassic Quest – Postponed

May 29 - June 7

Jurassic Quest at the Edmonton EXPO Centre has been postponed to October 21-25. More details to come. 

Please follow Jurassic Quest for updates.


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Jurassic Quest is ROARING back into Edmonton! Don’t miss the show that SOLD OUT last summer, now back for two weekends in a row! Featuring more rides, activities, & dinosaurs than ever before! 

Be the first to dive deep beneath the ocean’s surface into the darkest depths of prehistory. Discover one of the largest marine apex predators that ever existed, a colossal 50 – foot – long prehistoric shark exclusive to our event, the Megalodon. Encounter the Tylosaurus, a type of Mosasaur that can reach lengths of up to 45 feet, with rows of hidden teeth deep in its jaws. See the bizarrely long-necked Elasmosaurus, the dolphin-like Ichtyosaurus the largest known sea turtle, the Archelon and many more prehistoric marine creatures as part of our new Ancient Oceans exhibit. Experience the thrill of being submersed among some of the most enormous, and vicious, ancient sea creatures to ever lurk our ocean’s depths that can only be seen at Jurassic Quest.

The event features
* Dinosaur Exhibit, which includes over 100 dinosaurs that are true-to-detail (and size)!
* Walking Dinosaur Rides & Stationary Dinosaur Rides, which include some of the largest rideable dinosaurs in North America!
* Incredibly realistic and interactive Baby Dinosaur Show & Walking Dinosaur Show
* Dino Bounce Houses & Bungee Pull
* Fossil Digs, Dino Scooters, Jurassic Jeeps, Science Station, Crafts & Coloring Station, Face Painting, Green Screen Photography, & MORE!

What’s New?
– even more life-size, skyscraping dinosaurs, now totaling over 100 dinosaurs
– new, huge walking dinosaur rides
– life-size T-Rex skull
– new fossils, including real t-rex teeth and triceratops horn
– ancient oceans

Two Weekends Only
May 29-31
June 5-7

Friday: 3pm – 8pm
Saturday: 9am – 8pm
Sunday: 9am – 8pm

Purchasing tickets online ahead of time guarantees entry in case of sell out.

Please be aware that prices are listed in both USD and the approximate Canadian conversion amount. You will be charged in US funds and the rate you pay in converted Canadian dollars will depend on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. 

KIDS VIP (2-12) – $36.00 + $3.00 Fee = $39.00
(Approx. 47.64 CAD)

KIDS (2-12) – $24.00 + $3.00 Fee = $27.00
(Approx. 31.76 CAD)

ADULTS (13-64) – $24.00 + $3.00 Fee = $27.00
(Approx. 31.76 CAD)

SENIORS (65+) – $22.00 + $3.00 Fee = $25.00
(Approx. 29.11 CAD)

1. Strollers and wagons are welcome.
2. Be sure to bring your camera. There will be a TON of great moments to capture!
3. Bring socks for the kids! Socks are required for the inflatables.
4. You can leave and re-enter the hall within the same day, just be sure to get your hands stamped before you leave.

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May 29
June 7


Hall B & C