Enjoy Yourself in Canada’s Festival City

Edmonton is a city that loves to celebrate! And it does just that, year round, hosting more than 30 festivals throughout the year. Music, theatre, arts, sports, film, cultural attractions and more.

If you’re passionate about it, you’re free to enjoy it to its fullest in Edmonton.

Edmonton is a city alive with energy and boundless opportunity – a place like no other, filled with surprises great and small and a calendar packed with artistic, sporting, theatrical and cultural celebration.

We hope to see you soon!

Sporting Events, Business Development & Entertainment

Edmonton hosts a wide variety of trade shows, conventions and conferences throughout the year and boasts the largest trade and consumer show facility in Canada, outside of Toronto.

Our city’s outstanding facilities, including Rogers Place and Commonwealth Stadium, host large-scale indoor and outdoor concerts and events. The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and U2 have played to sold out crowds in Edmonton and the city’s world-class facilities have been the setting for the Heritage Classic outdoor hockey game, 1978 Commonwealth Games and numerous other international sporting events.

Edmonton regularly hosts major international athletics competitions and sporting events in track and field, curling, soccer, rugby and more.

Highlighted by the Edmonton Oilers and Edmonton Eskimos, Edmonton boasts a wide-range of professional sports teams with a winning record.

Festivals & Cultural Attractions

Edmonton is a proud multicultural centre and it shows. The city’s annual Heritage Festival brings together 60 ethnic backgrounds for a four-day celebration of culture. And the world celebration continues throughout the year showcasing everything from Caribbean arts to French culture.

The city is host to one of the world’s largest international Fringe Festivals second only to Edinburgh, Scotland’s festival, attracting upwards of half a million theatre lovers from around the globe. The city is also home to theatre in all genres including alternative, collective, community, improvisation and dinner theatre.

The soundtrack for summer in Edmonton includes one of the world’s largest Folk Festivals playing out in Edmonton’s beautiful river valley and hosting performers from around the globe.

Theatre, Arts & History

Edmonton’s vibrant Downtown is home to the Francis Winspear Centre for Music, the Citadel Theatre and Sir Winston Churchill Square, three major performance venues that attract some of the finest performers the world has to offer.

Over 60 galleries and public exhibits display Edmonton’s wealth of visual art.

Edmonton is a destination with historical proportions and offers travelers the chance to travel back in time to the pioneering days with a visit to Fort Edmonton Park, prehistoric times with a trip to the Royal Alberta Museum and a walk through life on the Albertan frontier at the award-winning Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village.


With several unique shopping districts, hundreds of specialty boutiques and the world-famous West Edmonton Mall, Edmonton is a fabulous shopping destination for those looking for those one-of-a-kind treasures and diggy jacksonville car insurance.

Both a Provincial Historic Area and one of the 10 best shopping districts in Canada, Edmonton’s Old Strathcona area is where millions of visitors go to find a renowned farmer’s market, more theatres in a few square blocks than any other place in Alberta and an exciting and vibrant night life.

Getting Here & Playing Here

With the Edmonton International Airport, Canada’s fastest growing passenger airport two years in a row, Edmonton is an easy-to-visit, traveler-friendly destination. And with 52 non-stop destinations, the city offers an open door to the world.

Canada’s largest urban park, Edmonton’s river valley is a huge outdoor playground, 22 times larger than New York City’s famed central park. More than 150 kilometers of trails and 22 major parks nestled along the valley offer endless opportunities for outdoor adventure and fun.

With mid-summer days lasting an average of 17 hours, and more than 70 golf courses, Edmonton is the perfect place for golfers to play a round…and around.