The City of Edmonton

Edmonton – Alberta’s Capital City

Edmonton is a booming city at the heart of a region of over a million people, nestled in the centre of Alberta—a province with one of the richest reserves of oil and natural gas in the world. The capital city of the province, and the 2007 cultural capital of Canada, Edmonton bustles with arts, theatre and cultural events. There’s always something to do no matter what time of year it is. You’ll find festivals galore, the world’s largest shopping centre, professional hockey, football and baseball teams and so much more.

Edmonton’s river valley is amazing. An enormous band of natural green space 22 times larger than Central Park in New York, it runs through the centre of the city and is filled with parks, trails and endless opportunities for adventure. Given the opportunity, Edmonton’s quality of life and hot economy will impress you.

Edmonton is a city that loves to celebrate! And it does just that year round, hosting more than 30 festivals throughout the year—including Edmonton’s Capital EX and the Canadian Finals Rodeo. Music, theatre, arts, sports, film, cultural attractions and more, if you’re passionate about it, you’re free to enjoy it to its fullest in Edmonton.

A city alive with energy and boundless opportunity—a place like no other, Edmonton is filled with surprises great and small and a calendar packed with artistic, sporting, theatrical and cultural celebration. Take it all in when you come to visit!

Source: Edmonton Message Map

Dragon Boat Races

Edmonton River Valley in Autumn

River Valley

Street Performers Festival

Edmonton Fringe Festival

Heritiage Festival

Edmonton Fringe Festival

Muttart Conservatory

Edmonton Folk Festival

Skyline Fall Sunrise